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Why Carpet is Great Option for the Homes In Virginia Beach

Are you looking for new carpet installation in Virginia Beach and surrounding areas? Your search is over with the professionals at Artistic Flooring! Naturally, carpet adds a softness to any room or home. Some customers choose to have a more rigid floor covering in the main areas of the home and, therefore, installing carpet in bedrooms or playrooms. Furthermore, this can lower the overall cost of a complete home makeover while adding softness to relaxation areas.

Carpet can be resilient to stains and discolorations, as well as pet stains. The way some carpet fibers are dyed is essential to note when shopping for a new carpet product. Carpets can be soft and plush, high or low pile, patterned and solid, all in various colors! In short, the options are vast! Noteworthy, we carry all the major carpet brands, so you will find something you love! Be sure to ask as many questions as you may have! More importantly, we are delighted to have you here. What is the history of carpet?

Types of Carpet

The foundation of carpet comes down to two simple elements, like most flooring coverings: natural and synthetic fibers. There are many factors to consider when choosing a carpet solution that will work best with the anticipated lifestyle in the space. Is stain resistance or affordability a concern? Are you looking for something more environmentally friendly? These questions can help narrow down the pool of a vast and rapidly growing market of carpet.

Natural Carpet Fibers:

  • Wool–  Wool carpet has been around for a while. Rightfully so, due to its luxurious look, water repellency, flame resistance, and natural memory. However, expect to pay a higher price point for a wool carpet because it is a natural fiber that comes from sheep shorn.
  • Coir– Coir is made from the husks of a coconut; often, coir is used as an area rug and is not the most comfortable to walk on.
  • Jute– Jute is similar to coir carpet made from plants. Jute carpet is an outstanding solution to add nature to your home or space as an area rug.
  • Cotton– Cotton is another great option for an area rug, although it is not expected in wall-to-wall carpeting applications.
  • Sisal– Sisal carpet is made from the Sisal plant in East Africa. Unfortunately, Sisal is a higher-priced carpet fiber that is not known for its stain resistance. It has also been noted that an odor can be emitted from these rugs.

Synthetic Carpet Fibers:

  • Nylon–  Nylon was first introduced after the First World War; since then, it has continued to be a fan favorite in residential spaces. Nylon is known for its stain resistance and noteworthy ability to ‘bounce back’ and resist matting, typically seen on high-traffic areas like stairs and hallways.
  • Polyester– Polyester is best known for its soft hand, thick, and dense pile. Often times polyester is more affordable than nylon carpet, although polyester is not suited well for high-traffic spaces because it will matte down after repeated use due to its inability to retain memory.

Finding the Right Carpet for Your Space:

Still unsure about what carpet would work best for your space? Our carpet manufacturers have made it even easier to assist you in finding the perfect solution for your space! Take the free floor finder quiz from PHENIX carpet here 

The Top Brands in our Carpet Store In Virginia Beach

We offer carpet supply and installation services. We carry all major carpet brands from Shaw, DreamWeaver, PHENIX, Mohawk, and Southwind. Some carpets are even made from recycled materials. It is essential to know that most carpet manufacturers offer warranties on their carpet products. Ask about our flexible financing options, or get pre-approved for a credit line here.

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