Herringbone Floors

Timeless Elegance…

Herringbone floors can be seen in various shapes, species, and designs. We have noticed an increased demand for installing different hardwood floor designs that include chevron, herringbone, and even parquet. Once installed, these floors look like an actual work of art, all while increasing the value of your home and giving a luxurious, timeless look to any space.

What are Herringbone Floors?

How much does Herringbone cost?

The cost of a herringbone floor varies based on many factors, including species, construction, and brand. A herringbone floor does cost more than the traditional strip plank floor because of the additional time it takes to ensure all cuts and measurements are precise. In addition, a patterned floor can anticipate more waste on a job site because of the additional cuts. Herringbone can be installed in various ways such as glue down, glue assist, and nail down. In short, we recommend scheduling a consultation with our flooring professionals to review your options and budget to ensure we provide you with the best comprehensive quote and service possible. We are proud to service Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, and the Virginia Beach area. We also provide financing through Synchrony Bank! 

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Herringbone floors can be named many things, such as parquet, chevron, and patterned floors. Some can arrive in pre-made designs, while others can arrive in individual planks, allowing for more custom designs. There are also options for installing a custom medallion or image on the floor! Furthermore, we can install unfinished herringbone options that can be sanded and finished on-site to achieve a custom color that works best for your space. In addition, there are engineered and solid options that are prefinished with wire-brushing and aluminum oxide coating, further emphasizing durability. Your options are nearly unlimited when it comes to designs, and at Artistic Flooring, this is a floor we love to do!

Parquet floors are often seen in mid-century modern homes, and frequently, we are asked to perform repairs. The great news is that we are well-trained in these floors, and we would be delighted to assist you in restoring these to their original glory.


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