Brazilian Cherry

Brazilian Cherry Installation

 Brazilian Cherry hardwood gained extreme popularity during the housing boom in the early to late 2000s due to its ease of availability and cost. This exotic hardwood is known for its rich red color, representing luxury. Not only is it known for its red hue, but it is also known for its extreme durability to dents, further known as the JANKAS scale. This scale is often used to estimate the durability of a wood species, but it is not used as often because of the finishes available on the market today. It increases the durability of a pre-finished floor.

In addition, Brazilian Cherry can come in various forms, such as pre-finished, unfinished, engineered, solid, narrow, and wide-plank formats. In addition, the floor naturally reddens over time to showcase a timeless and luxurious floor.

Sanding and refinishing an exotic floor can be done and will often become lighter after it is coated. Furthermore, we like to avoid using an oil-based finish on exotic hardwood when sanding to avoid increased color changes. Water-based finish avoids ambering over time, although with cherry floors, sunlight is what causes the floor to redden over time naturally. In addition, you can stain these exotic woods like any other wood species, allowing for further customization of your floors. Brazilian woods can be installed by nail-down, full-spread glue, or glue and nail assist methods.

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Not only do we offer Brazillian Cherry supply and installation services, but we also have a vast selection of other exotic woods, such as:

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