Hand-Scraped Hardwood Floors In Virginia Beach

The beauty of hardwood 

What is Hand-Scraped Hardwood?

Hand-scraped hardwood flooring is known for its distinct look, and it comes in various colors and sizes! Typically, hand-scraping in hardwood looks like saw or ‘chatter’ marks that are artificial in the manufacturing process. These marks can be seen parallel, perpendicular, or circular to the floorboard plank. Furthermore, the hand-scrape marks can vary based on color, size, and depth. In addition, these pre-made distressing marks are ideal for homes that can expect heavy usage because dents and scratches are camouflaged easily. Handscraped hardwood comes in Maple, Hickory, White Oak, and, most commonly, Birch

Can Hand-Scraped Floors be Refinished?

We often get asked if we can refinish hand-scraped floors. In short, it mostly depends on the overall thickness of the floors because hand-scraped floors require a vigorous sanding schedule. Furthermore, to get a clean and seamless look, we need to remove all the existing characteristics that make a hand-scraped floor. This includes sanding down existing saw marks and angles in the floors to allow the stain and finish to lay satisfactorily to ensure a beautiful floor for years.

How much is Hand-Scraped Hardwood?

The great thing about hand-scraped floors is that they comes in many forms. In addition, with the rising popularity of engineered hardwood, we have seen the prices of hand-scraped hardwood vary. We have seen hand-scraped floors go as thin as 3/8″, which is ideal for glue-down applications, as well as installing on a concrete slab. Furthermore, the price of the flooring can vary depending on the species of wood, width, brand, and thickness. We highly recommend meeting with a flooring professional to go over the needs of the space wanting hand-scraped floors. In short, we provide free comprehensive flooring estimates that are tailored to the needs of your project. Call us today to schedule your in-home consultation!

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