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Are you looking for the top Hardwood Contractor in Virginia Beach? Artistic Flooring is your solution! Artistic Flooring offers a large selection of hardwood. We are confident you will find one you love!

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Does your floor want a pick-me-up? Are you ready to list your home on the market this season? Hardwood flooring is perfect for a screening and recoating service. Most often, scratches from daily life and discoloration from sunlight accumulate over time. This can leave your hardwood floors dull. As your hardwood floor ages, this is bound to happen, and with our seamless buffing and coating techniques, we will bring your hardwood floors back to life!

We Offer Multiple Hardwood Products & Brands

We offer multiple hardwood products and brands like Impressions, Lauzon, LW Flooring, Mannington, Shaw, and Mohawk at Artistic Flooring. As well as screening, recoating, installation, sanding, and refinishing services. Happily, we are now offering waterproof flooring in our store! 

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Love your new floors and want to maintain a beautiful shine? Hardwood flooring upkeep is essential once your floor has been installed. Be sure to put felt pads on all furniture to prevent scratching. We recommend using a BONA Floor Cleaner once a month, more or less as needed! Most noteworthy, if a spill occurs, clean it immediately to avoid any staining to the wood. There are two different types of hardwood flooring.

Engineered hardwood is constructed differently than typical hardwood flooring because it has several layers of wood. For example, each layer runs in different directions and includes a top layer of wood. Engineered also has plywood and particle board integrated into the layers, and it can be installed in many homes! It also can be laid on top of a moisture barrier to prevent cupping and exposure to possible moisture or future water damage. More importantly, engineered flooring is not waterproof or exempt from discolorations or scratching. What is Hardwood Flooring?


Hardwood Manufacturers

Some engineered hardwood manufacturers have a thin wood veneer on top, which may not allow as much sanding as necessary. Typically, arranged provides at least one sand and refinish from the product. More importantly, the amount of sanding allowed depends solely on the thickness of the boards. Sometimes, if sanded too much, the veneer will wear down and not be able to be finished seamlessly. Engineered flooring, for example, is available in many species of wood, such as oak, hickory, maple, and pine. Respectively, Hardwood and Engineered both have a wide variety of colors, lengths, thicknesses, and multiple finishes. Therefore, you have many options to choose from! Although engineered can be cheaper than hardwood on many occasions, it all depends on what you like. More importantly, what you see best fits you and your family’s lifestyle!

Hardwood and Engineered Flooring

Rest assured, we know there’s a lot of choices. Flooring has many variables, choices, brands, species, etc… But, we specialize in a tailor-made service. So, when it is time to choose flooring for your home, be sure to call us! As always, thank you for visiting us and shopping locally!


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