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Looking for the best Hardwood Flooring Installer in Virginia Beach, VA? Hardwood upkeep is essential once your floor has been installed. Be sure to put felt pads on all furniture, dust and sweep approximately once a week, use BONA Floor Cleaner once a month, and if a spill occurs be sure to clean it immediately. Depending on the amount of sunlight and scratches that the wood was exposed to, it may be necessary to screen and recoat the wood to remove any scratching or discoloration that may have occurred under area rugs and high sunlit areas. What is Hardwood?


Hardwood and Engineered Hardwood- What’s the Difference?

There are two different types of hardwood flooring: hardwood and engineered hardwood. Engineered hardwood is constructed differently than the typical hardwood because it has several layers of wood. Each layer is running in different directions and includes a top layer of wood. Engineered also has plywood and particle board integrated into the layers and it can be installed in many homes. It can be laid on top of a moisture barrier as well to prevent cupping and exposure to moisture. Engineered flooring is not waterproof and is not exempt from discolorations or scratching.


Engineered Hardwood Flooring Benefits

Some manufacturers have a thin wood veneer on top which does allow as many sanding necessary to last if you may like. Typically, engineered allows for at least one sand and refinish out of the product and the amount of sanding allotted depends solely on the thickness of the boards. If sanded too much the entire veneer will wear down and not be able to be finished properly. Engineered flooring is available in many species of wood such as, oak, hickory, maple, and pine. Hardwood and Engineered has a substantial variety of colors, lengths, thickness, and multiple finishes. Engineered can be cheaper than hardwood on many occasions and comes in a large spectrum of grades and prices.


Best Flooring Options & Brands for You

Naturally, several options are available, for both Hardwood and Engineered Flooring and base on you and your family’s needs, we are equipped to assist you in that decision. Flooring has many variables, choices, brands, species etc… We specialize in a tailor-made leadership when it is time to choose flooring for your own home. See Our Flooring Projects

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