Sanding, Staining & Refinishing Hardwood Flooring Contractor in Virginia Beach

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Sanding, Staining & Refinishing Hardwood Flooring Contractor in Virginia Beach, VA


Artistic Flooring offers the best, most unique sanding, staining & refinishing hardwood flooring contractor in Virginia Beach, VA. You have come to the right place if you need an experienced flooring expert, including hardwood, laminate & vinyl flooring services. Rest assured, when looking for a local,  experienced flooring company to provide excellent service, products, and prices; your solution is with the professionals at Artistic Flooring.

Restore Your Hardwood Floors With Artistic Flooring

Flooring Contractor in Virginia Beach VA Sanding and finishing flooring contractor in virginia beach by artistic flooring after

Hardwood Floor Sanding & Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services

Renew your damaged hardwood floors with Artistic Floorings’ innovative sanding and refinishing process. Our wood refinishing services in Virginia Beach fix wear marks, scratches, & dirt on your existing hardwood floor. Naturally, this is done before applying a water- or oil-based finish to protect your wood and give you beautiful-looking floors that will last.


Artistic Flooring Unique Staining Process



Many ask our customers how we make Sanding, Staining & Refinishing Hardwood Flooring Contractor in Virginia Beach, VA, so beautiful after we complete the project. We offer a unique sanding & staining process that will make your hardwood attractive again. Rest assured,  we can provide flooring services in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, & Newport News and can work on many floors that other flooring professionals can’t do. This includes most engineered flooring, factory pre-finished floors, and parquet floors. Our floor sanding and refinishing process is gentler on your floors and less likely to cause floor damage than traditional sanding and refinishing. We can sand and stain engineered floors!

Prefinished Maple with deep scratches and cupping. Maple finished with LOBA Invisible Water-Based Finish

Prefinished Sanding and Refinising

Sanding and Refinishing can remove deep scratches, discoloration, and gaps between boards. Sanding and Refinishing doesn't have to be dusty, smelly, or out of your home for long periods. At Artistic Flooring, your time and home are our number one priority. We utilize floor finishes that are GreenGuard Gold Certified and water-based, which means less smell and faster drying time. With our sanding dust containment systems, you won't have to worry about a mess left behind for you to clean up. So you can be in your beautiful home sooner!