Coretec Flooring

The waterproof, kidproof, and petproof floors.

Why COREtec Flooring?

Engineers saw the need for durable flooring products that withstood the test of time while taking on what life threw at it. COREtec was the first brand to sell 100% waterproof flooring solutions. To this day, LVP has become the most asked-for surface in the home. Also, LVP has continued to dominate the flooring market and is expected to continue to increase its popularity for years to come.

COREtec continues to be an industry leader that homeowners ask for by name. Furthermore, this is not only for it being the first manufacturer to create a waterproof floor but also because of its unwavering dedication to new designs and solutions that make COREtec at the forefront of quality flooring solutions.

Step into a world of captivating design, with sleek blondes to elegant browns, and you are bound to find something you love within the COREtec family of floors. With planks up to 71″ long and as thick as 15mm, you will be floored when you visit our Virginia Beach showroom to see what this brand offers!

The Benefits of COREtec

COREtec has a variety of lines and styles that are guaranteed to impress you. COREtec is known for its revolutionary cork backing that decreases sound absorption by 30%, which means it is warmer, quieter, and softer underfoot. This is especially beneficial if living in a condo, apartment, or on a concrete slab, as the cork backing also provides a natural insulation component to the overall construction of the floor.

COREtec products are at a minimum of 20mil wear layer with a UV Acrylic coating known to withstand staining and scratching. The construction of COREtec flooring is also much thicker than traditional LVP flooring, typically made of a stone polymer composite. This product has a WPC (wood plastic composite) core that also contours to your subfloor better and further increases sound absorption. A thicker product also allows for more realistic visuals, such as embossed knot holes and realistic graining to mimic hardwood floors.

Check out our room visualizer on our homepage to see current styles and selections of COREtec flooring!

Stair Solutions with COREtec

COREtec offers an expansive line of flooring accessories that will give the necessary finishing touches to elevate your new flooring. We are a full-service COREtec Dealer that can install full-sized LVP stair treads that do not require additional stair-nosing pieces. This means a flush and seamless stair solution that will leave you impressed. We can also supply and install matching baseboards and trim. Contact Artistic Flooring today to begin your LVP stair project!

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