What is Laminate Flooring


What is Laminate Flooring- Artistic Flooring 

Laminate flooring is perfect for those who love the look and feel of wood or stone but need something a bit more practical. Laminated floors are tough and durable in nature. They are also easy to maintain – an ideal choice if you have small children or pets. This all-rounder can be used in even the busiest of rooms in your home. Budget-friendly but not compromising on style, with plenty of color, finishes, and thickness to choose from.


Is Laminate Durable?

The durability of laminate flooring makes it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas in your home, from the busiest of kitchens to the bustle of hallways. An image of wood or stone is printed on a laminate floor’s décor layer in high-definition. It sits below the resin top layer – a translucent, protective, clear coating that protects the piece from daily abuse and abrasion.


What Type of Laminate Flooring is Best?

The thickness you choose will depend on how much durability you need. The thickest floor we stock is 7mm and the thinnest is 14mm; both come in durability ratings of AC3 to AC5 so we are sure to have the floor you need. For example, the AC rating can be used to determine the suitability for a bedroom and for an office or commercial setting. 


Where to Use Laminate Flooring

The durable laminate flooring is suitable for most living areas, hallways, kitchens and bedrooms in the home. Laminate is also safe for use in homes with underfloor heating, as it is stable enough to withstand direct heat.

How to Acclimate Laminate

There isn’t much to worry about when it comes to laminate flooring shrinkage or warping. Although laminate floors are stable, they will move a little from room to room, so it is best to let them acclimate to their surroundings before you install them.

Make sure you don’t skip this step in your project planning! In order for your flooring to stay in its original packaging for 48 hours (at its normal room temperature), you need to lay it flat in the room.

How to Choose a Laminate Style

It is the decor layer that determines what the laminate floor looks like. it is possible to give laminate a stone or wood look in areas where it was unattainable before. Whatever your interior style, laminate can make an excellent addition to your home with a wide variety of options, from rustic natural oak looks to contemporary grey and white finishes. Do you have a specific color scheme in mind? Check out our easy-to-use Shop by Colour page for more information.

Consider a laminate floor design with lots of color variations and a pronounced bevel between each plank, If you’re looking for character and a traditional feel. Choosing a less-defined bevel between each plank and a more consistent tone will create a more contemporary look.


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