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Shaw Floors

If you are looking for the top Hardwood Contractor in Virginia Beach, VA, Artistic Flooring, is your solution. Our hardwood is offered in various colors and species. Hardwood can be sanded and stained multiple times, as well as bring value to your home.

Refresh to your home with our hardwood flooring installation  professionals

Moving out for selling, or wanting a refresh to your home? Hardwood is great for a screen and recoating of the finish to eliminate scratches accumulated throughout time, as well as discoloration from rugs and the exposure to sunlight.

We Offer Multiple Hardwood Products & Brands

We offer multiple hardwood products and brands like Hearthwood & Raintree, as well as screening and recoating services, installation services, as well as sanding and refinishing services. We are now offering waterproof flooring in our store! We are a dealer for William M. Bird’s new line “Rain Tree Hardwood Flooring”

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“Combining real hardwood veneer with a 100% waterproof rigid core, Raintree is a revolutionary new hybrid flooring that blends style with performance. With Raintree, you can have the authentic beauty of hardwood with the practical performance and maintenance of waterproof vinyl floors” (William M. Bird, 2021)



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