Difference between laminate and vinyl flooring

Thanks for visiting our difference between laminate and vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring differs from laminate flooring in several ways, including the materials from which each is constructed and their appearances.


Laminate flooring offers a realistic appearance of wood flooring.

difference between laminate and vinyl flooring

 It has four layers of material and is thick:

  • The back layer
  • The core layer
  • The design layer
  • The wear layer. 

These layers help protect the floor underneath the laminate and also make it comfortable under your feet.

Combining these two factors makes laminate a popular option for homeowners remodeling their floors. Furthermore, its water resistance makes it an excellent choice. 


Floating floors are made of synthetic materials such as plastisol and polyvinyl chloride. The final product is durable and waterproof due to the fact that it is constructed in layers. 

The top layer of each board is a printed hard vinyl layer over a vinyl core. 

Flooring options for this option include looks designed to resemble wood, stone, and ceramic, as well as a variety of designs. 

The thickness of vinyl flooring is also significant and the width of luxury vinyl measures 5 mm (0.20 in). Your choice of designs can make your floor look like natural wood, stone, or ceramic.



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